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Dear Day Trader, I created the about and contact pages all on the same page, so everyone that sends a new message through the form below knows who is behind this project. Stay away from fake marketing gurus, that want all your money and doesn’t teach you.

#1 TRADING ROOM is not a scam. Start now your FREE TRIAL (NO PAYMENT REQUIRED).

Adriano LopesMy name is Adriano Lopes and before starting trading penny stocks some months ago, I was a long term investor for years. Invested most of my money on big cap stocks, like Apple, Microsoft, Nike, Nvidia, Netflix, and other similar companies.

To diversify my investments and make my account grow faster, I decided to allocate part of my earnings from the stock market to trade penny stocks.

For the first few weeks I made money, but after that, I started to lose until I ended up with almost $0. That is, I was now part of the 90% of day traders who lose money.

Since I am not a quitter, I used this defeat as a motivation to get better results and consistently. I have identified my mistakes and how I could improve.

I deposited money again and did everything different, with a strategy. My account started to grow. This time, my wins were bigger than the losses.

You are at a distance from a strategy of being profitable.

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